Golf Scooter

The next generation in golf transport!

The Golf Scooter has a 50km (36 holes) range allowing you to enjoy your round without having to run out of battery. With speeds of 20kmh, no more slow play.


  • Battery

     60V 20AH Lithium battery.

    Charge Time 3-4hours.

    1000W Motor

  • Handling

    Easy to Ride.

    Large, well-cushioned seat for added comfort

    Front and rear suspension, double seat and  removable batteries.

  • Reduce Round Times

     An amazing way to get around the course and speed up play. 

    Play more rounds and enjoy the beautiful game in style.

  • 1 year warranty

    Giving you peace of mind there is a one year warranty, on both the frame and motor. Accidental damage of wear and tear not included.  

Golf Course Benefits

- Create a new revenue stream

- Attract More Golfers

- Reduce Course Damage 

Golf Courses

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Golf Course Benefits

  • Increase Revenue

    Create a new revenue stream, increasing the total spend of each golfer. Fast return on investment. 

  • Attract More Golfers

    Add more fun to the every golfer round and set yourself apart with the latest technology. Giving your customers the best golfing experience. 

  • Reduce Course Damage

    The golf scooter has significantly less impact on the course. With the soft and wide tyre design. Keeping the green keepers happy.

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Your scooter is covered under a 12 month warranty for frame and motor. 

Accidental damage is not included. 

Shipping Time

Shipping time to Europe is 5-7 days depending on quantity. 

Will I be able to use at my course?

The golf scooter does far less damage to the course than a normal buggy. So if your course allows buggies it should be no problem.